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Benefits of Collaborative Divorce:

•  You, not a judge, control and design a mutually satisfactory resolution
•  Receive individualized care from experts who work as a team to avoid court battles
•  Learn to have open and clear communication with support for emotional challenges
•  Restructure your family respectfully
•  Protect your children from the damage of divorce wars, foster effective co-parenting, and avoid “winning against” your partner
•  Create solutions for the well-being, hopes and concerns of all family members

How You’ll Benefit From a Collaborative Divorce Process:

•  Professional team facilitates efficiently and cost effectively, especially as compared to litigation.
•  Full disclosure and transparency.
•  A safe context for open and clear communication.
•  Learn improved and effective communication styles to address the concerns of all family members.
•  Support and skills development for necessary and difficult conversations.
•  Learn emotion regulation skills to allow for clear thinking about viable solutions.
•  Opportunity for children’s voices to be heard and considered.
•  An understanding of children’s needs and concerns.
•  A co-parenting plan that is workable and agreed upon, with the children’s needs as a priority.
•  A financial specialist that provides a neutral safe context for education and a clear understanding of your family’s finances.
•  A methodology for addressing financial data to allow for a successful division.
•  A safe context for understanding the law as it pertains to your divorce.
•  Comprehensive and user-friendly legal documentation, tailored by lawyers who attend to the legal details.
•  The opportunity to take control of your own future.
•  A place to develop creative, win-win options that consider the dignity and well-being of all family members.
•  The hopes and concerns of the family are captured and incorporated into a workable solution that partners can live with.
•  Help restructuring family relationships in ways that reduce stress and sustain good will amongst family members.

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