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Collaborative Financial Specialists

At PCD, all of our financial specialists are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), in addition to holding other relevant certifications. Each couple selects and shares a neutral financial specialist who gathers, organizes and analyzes all of the couple’s financial information. This neutral financial specialist works to further the best interests of both partners, rather than advancing the interests of one partner over the other.

By meeting early on with your neutral financial specialist, all of your financial information is shared. This enhances trust and reduces anxiety. Most of our CPAs are trained in forensic accounting and are able to investigate, and when appropriate, reassure a partner who may fear that assets are being withheld or hidden. You are more fully prepared to engage and move forward with your collaborative attorneys, once your financial information is gathered and organized. The information is used by the collaborative team to help you make decisions about support for partners and children, how assets and debts will be divided, and any other financial concerns you may have.

​​ You save time and money when financial reports are prepared early in the collaborative divorce process. Your financial specialist ​will ​ answer your questions about your finances, budgets, ​and about the tax ramifications of different financial options. ​ Often there is a disparity in financial experience between partners, and when trust has eroded, it behooves the more financially savvy partner to have a neutral specialist explains matters more fully to the less experienced partner.

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