Our Professionals

Pasadena Collaborative Divorce brings highly qualified, and carefully selected attorneys, mental health professionals and accountants together to resolve family issues respectfully, without going to court. We celebrate diversity and honor human dignity.

While selected by clients to work in teams, we are all independent practitioners.

Our Purpose

We are a group of professionals who have come together in the interest of promoting the principles and practice of Collaborative Family Law. We cultivate strong working relationships with one another to empower clients to find solutions that protect family relationships, dignity and and assets.

Our Services

Collaborative Practice is a way for you to resolve your family law issues in a respectful way, without going to court. This model offers hope to men and women who want healthier and dignified resolutions to their divorce and other family law issues.

Cost Effectiveness

At Pasadena Collaborative Divorce, our approach reduces costs in multiple ways. For example, we reduce your costs by having our mental health professionals (Divorce Coaches) support, train and prepare you for difficult but necessary conversations before and during specific meetings. Costs are reduced further by having financial specialists and attorneys each attend to their specific areas of expertise.