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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce

Pasadena Collaborative Divorce (PCD) professionals are specifically trained in the collaborative process. You can review our biographies and select your collaborative team by calling and interviewing PCD professionals. Starting the process is as simple as calling any one of us.

Collaborative Divorce is a series of meetings for a separating or divorcing couple to resolve disputes, without litigating in court.  Couples control the results. A team of collaborative professionals works in specific combinations to avoid duplicating efforts, and to ensure couples receive the particular expertise needed. Your team guides and protects you as you resolve emotional, financial, custody and legal issues, while preserving the dignity and integrity of all family members.

Couples select a neutral financial specialist and each partner selects his/her own collaborative attorney and licensed mental health professional (“coach”). A neutral child specialist assists with learning about and expressing the best interests of the children, to reduce stress for children. The professional team works together to help each couple generate outcomes to suit their family’s unique needs. Families using this process find that their agreements are more satisfying and long lasting. In addition, co-parenting relationships are typically more effective for families who have used the collaborative divorce process.