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  • Mouth of the Tiger

    Churchill said that you cannot negotiate with your head in the mouth of a tiger. This is true – Even for those of us committed to Peaceful Resolutions and diplomacy.

    If you’re head is in the mouth of a tiger, trying to “negotiate” is tantamount to rolling over and being utterly vanquished. There was no option but for England to prepare to fight to the death, despite terrible odds. And so is the nature of litigation.

    Consider that for Consensual Dispute Resolution to be effective for divorce, you must be willing to both:

    1. a) Take your head out of the Tiger’s mouth, and
    2. b) Take your partner’s head out ofyour

    You can only manage this if you are willing to know and acknowledge how it is that you have your partner’s head in your mouth, as well as your head in your partner’s mouth.

    If even one partner refuses to understand this, you have no choice but to litigate and carry the full weight of the fall-out of that process financially and emotionally, for you and your entire family. ”

    – Ria Severance, LMFT